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Are you ready to add some shine to your cryptocurrency portfolio? Look no further than the satin silver Hedera Hashgraph HBAR coin! Not only will it add a touch of elegance to your collection, but it’s also backed by the innovative technology of Hedera Hashgraph, making it a smart investment choice. Plus, with a limited supply, you’ll want to grab yours before they’re all gone. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a little luxury to your crypto game. Order your satin silver Hedera Hashgraph HBAR coin today! A 2-inch diameter (50.8 mm) 50-gram coin and coin stand is included.



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The production of a coin mold is the initial stage in producing silver HBAR coins. The first step in creating a coin mold involves using a special computer known as a Computer-Aided Design or CAD (CAD). The CAD software employs the unique artwork created for the HBAR token to generate a digital design blueprint. This blueprint might then be used for production. 

The coin artwork is input into the CAD system, and the tolerances and dimensions are mapped accordingly. After the data has been gathered, it is sent to a specialized piece of software on a computer known as a computer-aided manufacturing system (CAM). A CNC is controlled by the CAM, which cuts material away from the surface of a steel block. This creates a cut in the metal that is the mirror reflection of the coin’s design. For the HBAR token, two molds are required: one for the front and another for the reverse side of the coin. After the computer numerical control machine has completed cutting the steel coin HBAR molds, we test them by hitting soft bits of metal to study the impressions that they create. Before continuing the production process, we check for and address any defects we find. As soon as we are pleased with the molds, we place them in a hot oven to temper them. It makes the metal more resistant to the enormous force that is required to die to strike steel coins, and it also makes the metal harder. 

Stamping a design into steel requires anything from 1,000 to 2,000 tons of power to press down firmly. The subsequent phase in the manufacturing procedure is striking the newly fashioned HBAR coin molds into steel. Blank coins are used in the production of custom HBAR coins. These coin blanks consist of a flat metal disk ready to be stamped as a coin. After we have attached the HBAR coin molds to the coin press, we position the coin blank between the press’s two molds. The coin press will next press the molds on the blank metal coins to create the coin. The final diameter of the HBAR coins is two inches. The edge of the coin is reeded after the die has been struck. To do this, the HBAR token is placed between two metal strips featuring grooves and then rolled and compressed between the strips. The reeded edge of the coin goes all the way around the circumference of the coin. Consequently, stamping the metal into place, results in jagged ridges and spurs over the entirety of the HBAR coin’s surface. For this reason, we deburr each coin so that we may smooth and neaten any rough edges or ridges that it may have. 

The last step involves placing the coins one at a time into a machine containing soap, water, and porous stone. The machine is then spun, and the water, soap, and stone will brush against the coins separately. Coins that have just removed their ridges are gathered and suspended from a copper wire in preparation for the metal plating or electroplating procedure. Electroplating is when you coat a metal coin by electrolytic deposition with silver, or another metal made of colored like silver. 

However, in addition to gold and silver plating, we produce HBAR coins with a black nickel finish. The coins are then polished to give the HBAR coin a smooth, even, and lustrous silver finish. This step concludes the production process.

Weight 0.226796 kg
Dimensions 8.625 × 5.375 × 1.625 in



In Silver Color


Two Inches


50 Grams

2 reviews for Silver HBAR Token

  1. Michael Souza

    The Hbar coin is an elegant and well-crafted piece that adds sophistication to my office space. Highly recommend it.

  2. Lina Burgos

    Nice big heavy coin. Came with a free clear acrylic coinstand. Fast shipping.

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